What in the World is an Archetype?
Deedy Young, Jungian Analyst, LCSW

​Just as instincts compel man to a specifically human mode of existence,

so archetypes force his ways of perception into specifically human patterns.

                                                              - Carl Jung (Collected Works, Vol. 8)

Zoom Presentation

​Saturday, May 15, 2021
10 AM to 12 PM
Cost: $10

In his lifelong study of the psyche, Carl Jung made many valuable discoveries. One of the most important of these is the archetype. The term archetype is currently rather well recognized. Even those with a passing knowledge of the psychology of Carl Jung have a general sense of the archetype. Yet, it is difficult to grasp what the archetype is because it operates at such a basic level in the psyche. The aim of this presentation is to move awareness of the archetype beyond an intuitive grasp so that it is better understood. This presentation will address the nature of the archetype, describe some of the basic archetypes, and present examples of archetypes in film clips from the movie "Whale Rider."

Elizabeth​ "Deedy" Young, Jungian analyst, has had articles and poetry published in the Jungian journal, "Psychological Perspectives." She is a member of the New Orleans Jung Seminar faculty, an organization offering an annual seminar in the study of Jung's analytical psychology. The N.O. Jung Seminar also serves as a point of entry into the Interregional Society of Jungian Analysts, an organization dedicated to training in analytical psychology.