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                    January 2017, A Free Lecture Series, Lafayette, Louisiana - 

                           January 13 - Lecture:  A Hand's On Guide to Dreams

                                           presented by Deedy Young, LCSW.

                        January 20 - Lecture:  Active Imagination:  Relating to the Unconscious

                                           presented by  Patricia Landeche, LCSW.

                        January 27 - Lecture:  From Ego/Self Identity to Ego/Self Relationship

                                           presented by Louis Deshotels, LCSW.

                  March 2017, Presentation, Lafayette, Louisiana -

                           March 11   - Presentation:  Dreams, Creativity and the Cajun Psyche

                                           presented by Charlene Henry, LCSW.

                   August 2017, Lecture & Seminar, Lafayette, Louisiana -

                        August 25  - Lecture: Dreams, Complexes, and the Self

                        August 26  - Seminar: The Eclipse of God and the Creative

                                           presented by Michael Conforti, Ph.D.


                             September 2017, Presentation, Lafayette, Louisiana -

                       September 29 - Presentation:  True Religion:  Individuation, Alcemy and Poetry

                                           presented by Deedy Young, LCSW.  

                             October 2017, Lecture & Workshop, Lafayette, Louisiana -

                                        October 27 - Lecture:  The Kabbalistic Creation Myth

                           October 28 - Workshop:  The Kabbalistic Creation Myth

                                              presented by Lynne Radomsky, Ph.D.

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     "Your visions will become clear only when you can look into  your       

   own  heart;who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."                                                                                     - C.G. Jung - 

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