Lynne Radomsky, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst with a professional focus on private practice, and post-graduate clinical training and supervision.  She has published on this topic, and she lectures internationally on the amplification of African symbolism and the psychology of C.G. Jung.

"I realize that this is just the beginning of a journey filled with the inexpilicable,
yet deeply familiar, I feel a sense of awe and expectation and of how important
this could be: The initiation of a sangoma."

-Lynne Radomsky-

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WHERE  DREAMS COME ALIVE:  The Alchemy of the African Healer.

      Dr. Lynne Radomsky announces the release of her new book, "Where Dreams Come  Alive:  The  

     Alchemy of the African Healer," scheduled for release early June 2019from Chiron Publications.    

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     Where Dreams Come Alive documents the initiatory patternsembedded in the journey of a Zulu woman's heroic confrontationwith her calling to be a healer.  The rich symbolic world of the African healer can be considered an image of a creative individuation that demonstrates the autonomy of deep psychic processes.

      Here we are offered a glimpse into a living system from which to begin to unravel the great mysteries of life, death and the alterlife.  Archetypal phenomena in the cosmology of the African healer are amplified through the stages of the alchemical opus and the psychology of C.G. Jung.  These phenomena arise when there is a serious attempt to engage with the autonomous psyche

      The idea of the development of consciousness in the individual through the initiation culminates in the capacity to hold the harmony beyond the tension of opposites.  This in turn, suggests a return, with consciousness, to the instincts, to an inner numinosity, to the phenomenon of psyche and matter, and spirit in nature.

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