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             The  C. G.  Jung  Society  of  Lafayette,  Louisiana 

        is  extending  and invitation to  you to  become a member

        of our organization. 

              You have either  expressed  an  interest  in  the  Jung

        Society  after  finding  us  on  Facebook,  our   website,  or

        have attended some the programs that we have presented  

        over  the  past  years.  We hope that you  have  found  our 

        programs stimulating and educational.  Our speakers come  

        from  all  over  the  world and  we  are  honored  that they

        choose to come to Lafayette. In order to have  such a  rich

        variety  of  speakers,   we  rely  on  membership dues and

        donations.   Please  consider  supporting  our  mission  by

        becoming a member of our organization.

              As  a  501(c)(3)  non-profit  organization,  membership 

        dues  qualify for full tax deductions. 

              Our  memberships  are  paid  on  a  yearly  basis, with 

        membership  year from  September 1 through August 31. 

             To pay online, select the Membership option below and

        enter your credit or debit card information where indicated.   

             If  you  prefer  to  send  a check,  make  it  payable  to

        the C. G.  Jung  Society   of  Lafayette,  Louisiana  and  mail 

        with completed  Membership  Form (name, phone number,

        mailing address, and email address) to:  Attn: Membership,

        P. O. Box 683,  Abbeville, Louisiana 70511.     


         MEMBERSHIPS (Yearly Dues):

         Benefactor - $100.00 (+)

         Individual - $50.00       

         Senior (65+) - $25.00         

         Student/Faculty (With ID) - $25.00



         Your membership includes a discount on some programs as well as a bi-annual newsletter with

         information about upcoming programs, articles on topics related to Jungian Psychology, book reviews,   

         poetry, updates and announcements.

         Our deepest thanks and appreciation to all who support the C. G. Jung Society of Lafayette,

             Louisiana through new and renewed memberships!


       2019-2020 BENEFACTORS

       Brenda Cross

       Louis Deshotels, LCSW

       Charlene Henry, LCSW, Jungian Analyst

      Gary Mathews, M.D.

       Susan O'Neal

      Mathew Rovira

      Steven Staires, M.D.


​Photograph by Eric Svendon,