'The Kabbalistic Creation Myth'
                                                                                           Presented By
  Lynne Radomsky, Ph.D.




                  In  Memories, Dreams, Reflections,  Jung described a series of visions in 1944,  part of

                which involved the mystic marriage as it appears within the Kabbalistic tradition.  He

                wrote:  “These visions were the most tremendous things I have ever experienced.”

                (p. 326)

                Dr.  Lynne Radomsky's  lectures  focus on  the redemption of the feminine  principle

                contained within the symbolism of theKabbalistic Creation Myth and the idea of the

                divine marriage.  The main conceptualisation being that the feminine and masculine

                aspects of the godhead can be reunited by  the actions  of  the  righteous.   That  is,  by

                becoming conscious that when the physical union is consummated, the holy marriage, 

                the hierosgamos, is also constellated.

                 Friday Lecture, October 27, 2017 -
This lecture set the historical background  for the understanding  of  the Jewish

                 mysticism and the Kabbalah and the beginning of the Kabbalistic Creation Myth.

                  Saturday Workshop, October 28, 2017 -
This  workshop  continued  with  the  unfolding  of  the  Kabbalistic  Creation  Myth  and

                 The Tree of Life,  with  particular  focus  on  the  idea  of  the  feminine  in  relation  to the 

                godhead and the mystic marriage.  Participants had an opportunity to be introduced to a   

                form of Kabbalistic practice and meditation.


                     Lynne Radomsky,  Ph.D.,   is a clinical psychologist  and Zürich-trained  Jungian analyst

                with  aprofessional focus  on   private  practice  and  post-graduate  clinical training and

                supervision.  Her direct and personal experience with Jewish mysticism provides  a rich

                backdrop to and  foundation for  her work.