Lumen Naturae:  Let There Be Light!

                                                                                                             Lecture and Workshop

                                                                                                          Presented by

                                                                                          John Todd, Ph.D.


         Friday November 9, 2018, Lecture - The Shadow of the Bat .......
         Dr. John Todd's  evening lecture was an  exploration  of the image  of  the bat and what  it holds for the modern                       Westerner. 
Most early human cultures revered the bat.   Not only was  the  bat held  sacred for  the essential role                   they play in our ecosystem  as pollinators,  seed  dispersers, and natural  insect control,  they were  also appreciated

         for their uniqueness.  Bats are the only mammals that possess the ability for sustained flight, they nurse their 

         young, and even  share brainwave  patterns common  with those of  primates.  And yet, they mostly live under-

         ground in caves,  sleep  upside  down, have  the ability to  see in the dark, and are nocturnal.  Despite their clear       

         benefit to humans and our ecology in general, Western culture has demonized the bat and therefore one is forced

         to wonder why so much negative shadow material has been projected on the bat.  What  does  the  image of the bat

         hold for the Western psyche? What aspects of ourselves have been deemed demonic that are essential  to our  own     

         inner ecosystems?  A deeper exploration of the image of the bat as not only holding negative shadow material, but

         also holding that of the light bringer or  psychopomp reveals a great  deal about  the human condition in the modern

         Western world.

       Saturday, November 10, 2018,  Workshop - Let There Be Light! .....
         The workshop was a deeper exploration of the role of the Lumen Naturae  (The Light of Nature) and the light

         bringer/psychopomp within  our psyches  with a particular  emphasis on  those that present themselves to us in

         the form of an animal.   Dr. Todd used film clips,  clinical  material and  personal reflection to further deepen and

         explore this vital concept as it manifests in our daily lives and practices as mental health professionals.

        John Todd, Ph.D. Bio .....

         John Todd, Ph.D.  is  a  diplomate  Jungian  analyst  based  in  Evergreen, Colorado.   A native of  Florida,  John

         began  his  career spending  over  a decade as  a children and family counselor  for Hospice  of Florida Suncoast

         before  starting  private practice.  In 2006 he relocated to Evergreen with his wife and two children.   In his free

         time he enjoys hiking, skiing, film, music, and reading.