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        "Today humanity , as never before, is split into two apparently irreconcilable 

         halves---when  the  individual  remains  undivided  and  does  not become

         conscious of his inner contradictions,  the world must perforce act out the 

         conflict and be torn into opposite halves."                   

​                                                                                         - C. G. Jung, 1959 -




Dear Members of the Jung Society,

I am sad to announce the death of Pat Landeche, a long-time friend and dedicated board member. Pat passed away today after suffering a major stroke ten days ago.

Pat was dedicated to the study and practice of Jung's Depth Psychology for many, many years. She was also dedicated to supporting the Jung Society and worked as hard as she could to promote the works of Jung.

A memorial for her will be held sometime in the fall, and we will keep you informed about that.

RIP, Pat. You truly deserve it.

Charlene M Henry

Board President

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