The  C. G.  Jung  Society  of  Lafayette,  Louisiana,  is  a  private  non-profit 

        educational organization  established  in 2004 to present educational, interdisciplinary 

        programs inspired by C. G.  Jung,  founder of the School of Analytical Psychology.   Our

        organization  is  open  to  anyone  who  has  a  curiosity  or interest in the works and

        teachings of Jung.  

                Our intention is to bring to the community an interdisciplinary approach to study

        the psyche, both personal and objective.   Our hope is  that the insights  presented by

        our programs will help  to foster  the  growth  and development of  those  individuals 

        who attend.  We  were founded  on  the belief  that  the study of Jung - whether by an

        individual attending  a single lecture  or  by a practicing  therapist training over many

        years---gives valuable insight into how  we  live,  what  lies  beneath  the  surface of 

        our  lives, and  how we grow, mature and become fulfilled.

               We  invite  you  to  join us  at  one of our upcoming programs and to support our

        mission by becoming a member.

                                                       All programs are open to the public.

           "Today humanity , as never before, is split into two apparently irreconcilable 

        halves---when  the  individual  remains  undivided  and  does  not become

        conscious of his inner contradictions,  the world must perforce act out the 

        conflict and be torn into opposite halves."                - C. G. Jung, 1959 -




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