"The Way of the Dream"  - Documentary film shown in four parts.

            This was the showing of the famous  1985  documentary  of  interviews with Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz,

            eminent psychoanalyst who was a chose collaborator with Carl G. Jung, in conversation with her student

            Fraser Boa, Canadian Jungian analyst.   Introductions  and  commentary by Marion Woodman,  Canadian

            Jungian analyst.  Q & A Panel discussions were held after after each showing.


            Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018    Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018     Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018     Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018

                 PART I                                       PART II                              PART III                             PART IV

                 Descent into Dreamland         Our Shadow Knows                  Hell Hath No Mirrors               Liberation of the Heart

                 Charting the Unconscious      The Devouring Mother             The Hanged Man                      Liberation of Relationship

                 The Structure of Dreams        Slaying the Dragon                  The Tyrant                               Dreams of Lifetime

                 The Living Symbol                  Looking Through the Moon      Flying Through Roofs              The Maker of Dreams

                 The Ladder to Heaven            The Inner Bride                        The Inner Guide                       Q & A Panel Discussions

                 The Forgotten Language        Q & A Panel Discussions           Q & A Panel Discussions

                 Q & A Panel Discussions

          The Way of the Dream is based on an extraordinary series of films made by Fraser Boa, who  collected

            first person accounts of dreams in street interviews with ordinary men and women in various parts of the

            world. He then asked Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz to interpret these dreams on film, just as she would in a 

            private analytical session. The resulting test is a primer explaining and demonstrating the art and science

            of dream analysis for the general public. The material covered includes dreams of men, dreams of women,

            what  dreams  tell  us  about  ourselves  and  our relationships,  the historical significance of dreams, and

            dreams about death and dying. Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz initially says that she thinks many people can-

            not understand  their dreams  without professional help.   Then  she provides a wealth of information and

            insight regarding frequently recurring symbolic dream themes and characters  (or personifications), such

            as the shadow, animus, anima, and the Center (higher Self). Included are film clips of people on the street

            talking about their own dreams.  Dr. von Franz concludes that one of  the  healthiest things people can do

            is to pay attention to their dreams:  "Dreams show us how to  find meaning in our lives,  how to fulfill our

            own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us."

Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz  (b. 4 Jan 1915 - d. 17 Feb 1998)  was a Jungian psychologist and scholar. 

            Dr. von Franz  worked with Carl G. Jung, whom she met in Zürich, Switzerland in 1933  at the  age of 18,

            and collaborated with him until his death in 1961. In addition to her many books, Dr. von Franz recorded

            a series  of  films  in  1985 titled The Way of the Dream  with her student Fraser Boa.  She also wrote on

            alchemy, discussed from  the Jungian psychological perspective, and active imagination, which could be

            described as  conscious dreaming. 

Fraser Boa (b. 1932 - d. 1992) was a Canadian Jungian analyst, a filmmaker, and a student of Dr. Marie-

            Louise von Franz.   In 1985,  he  recorded  the famous  documentary series of films titled The Way of the

            Dream  in  conversation with  Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz.  He is the brother of Canadian Jungian analyst

            Marion Woodman and the late actor Bruce Boa.

            Marion Woodman (b. 15 Aug 1928 - d. 9 Jul 2018)  is  a Canadian Jungian analyst,  mythopoetic  author, 

            poet, activist  and  women's  movement  figure.  She has written and spoken extensively about the dream

            theories  of  Carl  G.  Jung.  Woodman  completed  a  degree  in  English literature and taught high school

            English  for  more  than  twenty  years.  Later in life, she studied  psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute in

            Zurich,  Switzerland,  training  to  be  an  analyst.   She has continued to write on the subject of feminine 

            psychology,  focusing on psyche and soma and  has  lectured  internationally.   Her  brothers  are the late

            Canadian Jungian analyst and film maker Fraser Boa and the late actor Bruce Boa.