Pg. 3                                                                                                                                                                                                    Vol. 2, No. 3         

                                          Present Monent Quote

The present moment like the spotted owl or the sea turtle,

has become an endangered species,  yet more I find that

dwelling in the present moment, in the face of everything

that would call us out of it,  is our highest spiritual discipline.

Mire boldly,  I would say that our very presentness is our

salvation;  the present moment, entered into fully,  is our

gateway to eternal life.


                          The Pelican as it Appears in The Golden Treatise of Hermes
                                                                                             presented by
                                                                          Regine Schweizer-Vüllers, Ph.D.


        Dates and Times:  Friday, November 1, 2019

                                                      7:00 to 9:00 PM
                                                   Saturday, November 2, 2019

                                                      10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
         Places:                          Friday - St. Barnabas Episcopal Church (Ramsey Room)

                                                                    400 Camellia Blvd., Lafayette, Louisiana
                                                   (Note: Registration begins ½ hour before program)
                                                   Saturday - Home of Charlene Henry -

                                                                         157 Oakview Blvd., Lafayette, Louisiana

                                                   (Note: Limited seating, pre-registration required)

         Friday evening lecture. . . . .

         The alchemists often called  their alchemical vessel  “pelican."    However,  the pelican represents the entire  

         alchemical opus.   One can even say that  the bird  is  a symbol of the alchemist himself,  namely  of the spirit

         in which the opus is done.   The alchemists,  though,  did  not  intend to produce the  so-called  ordinary gold
         out of the impure and ordinary initial substances. Rather they wanted to create a psychic gold, a miraculous
         stone,  an  all-healing  remedy,   in order to  unite the initially separated  or  even hostile psychic substances.

         In the accompanying image called  “Revivifying,”  we see Sol and Luna rise from the fountain. On the left we

         see the Pelican with its fledglings.   According to the accompanying text the two scenes belong together – the    

         reappearance of  the emerging sun and  moon out o f the depth  of  the fountain  and  the revivification of the

         dead fledglings by the pelican. 


         (continued on page 6)


Pg. 1                                                                                                                                                                                           Vol. 2, No. 3       

                                            Fall 2019 Upcoming Events


     Across the Wide Waters by Sidney Creaghan                                     p. 2

     Mary Oliver Poetry                                                                                p.2

     Poem:  The Journey                                                                              p.3
Upcoming Event:  Alchemy for Dummies:  presented by

                                    Charlene Henry, LCSW, Jungian analyst           p.4
     Upcoming Events:  The Pelican as it Appears in The Golden

                                      Treatise of Hermes:  presented by

                                      Regine Schweizer-Vullers                                   p.5-6

    Comments on Alchemy by Jung                                          p.7      

     Registering for Lectures and Workshops                                          p.7

     Board of Directors                                                                               p.8

     Upcoming Events Calendar                                                       p.8


                                                     Fall 2019 Upcoming Events

                  MISSION STATEMENT
    The C. G. Jung Society of Lafayette, Louisiana is a    

     private nonprofit organization established to present

     educational, interdisciplinary programs inspired by the

     analytical psychology of Carl Jung. The purpose of our

     Society is to serve the individuation process and to

     foster a depth relationship with the objective psyche.

     Jung’s psychology offers recognition of the innate

     instinct to find meaning even in the face of suffering.

     His psychology offers insight into how to be the one

     human being one is.

​​​​​​​​​​​​                                                                           ​ACROSS THE WIDE WATERS

                                                                                        By Sidney Creaghan

                                                                                             Mary Oliver
                                                                 September 10, 1935 – January 19, 2019

Teacher, mentor,  poet,  Mary Oliver influenced so many of us with her writings.  Winner of the 1984  Pulitzer Prize
for Poetry with her fourth book,  American Primitive,  Mary held  residencies at  several colleges during  her career, including the Catharine Osgood Forster Chair  for Distinguished  teaching  at Bennington College.   She was born in Ohio and  died in  Florida but  found much of  her inspiration  while  living in Provincetown, Massachusetts.   I offer

this tribute to Mary, the third time I have featured her, and take this opportunity to share my personal observations about this incredible woman.

Mary’s poem,  “The Journey,”  which I heard read by the Irish poet David Whyte at  a  Jungian conference, served as the catalyst for me to begin writing poetry seriously. I now write almost every day, a reflection of what Mary and her works have done for me.   She has touched countless readers with her brilliantly crafted verses, especiallyin her last book of selected poems, Devotions. In this 2017 publication, she expounds on her love for the physical world and the powerful bonds among all living things and reveals through her carefully chosen  phrases that Mother Nature  is her muse.   Mary used  her gifts of  keen observations and listening skills as she walked daily in the Provincetown woods and by small and large ponds and along the Atlantic shore. After these walks, Mary returned to her home, sat quietly at her rough hewn desk  and poured out her finely honed gifts through simple but majestic phrases.   She wove these phrases creatively through the thousands of the poems she wrote during her lifetime.

Along with innumerable others, I will be eternally grateful for her wondrous way with words.

                           At Blackwater Pond                                                                       I  Wake Close to Morning

     At Blackwater Pond the waters have settled                                       Why do people Keep asking to see

     after a night of rain.                                                                                                     God's identity papers                                                                                
     I dipped my cupped hands.  I drink                                                        when the darkness opening into morning

     a long time.   It tastes                                                                                                    is more than enough.
     like stone, leaves, fire.   It falls cold                                                         Certainly any god might turn away in disgust.

     into my body waking the bones.   I hear them                                     Think of Sheba approaching

     deep inside me, whispering                                                                                      the kingdom of Solomon.

     oh what is that beautiful thing                                                                  Do you think she had to ask,

     that just happened?                                                                                                     "Is this the place?"

    - Mary Oliver-



                                               LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

     Greetings, Everyone!

     It’s that time of year again where summer is fading and nature is also changing in the world around us.

     What doesn’t change is our need for your support of the C G Jung Society here in Lafayette.  We are rolling out
     our membership drive.  We urge everyone who is already a member to  renew their membership.  And,  we are
     opening our arms to new members.  As most of you know,  we need your support in order for us to continue to
     bring quality speakers to our community.

     To begin our 2019-2020 season this Fall,  we  will  have two programs.  First,  local analyst  Charlene  Henry  will
     present a lecture called Alchemy for Dummies. This will be followed by Swiss Analyst, Regine Schweizer-Vullers
     who will do a weekend program called The Pelican as it  Appears in The Golden Treatise of Hermes.  Our Spring
     program is in the works. Stay tuned.

     As always,  many thanks for your participation in the past programs and I look forward to seeing  you this Fall.

                                                                                                                                                                      Susan O'Neal 


    C. G. Jung Society of Lafayette, LA

    157 Oakview Blvd.

    Lafayette, LA 70503

   Pg. 2                                                                                                                                                                                                     Vol. 2, No. 3         

     Pg. 5                                                                                                                                                                              Vol. 2, No. 3

                                                                                 THE JOURNEY

                                                                                        One day you finally knew
                                                                                        what you had to do and began,

                                                                                        though the voices around you
                                                                                        kept shouting

their bad advice---

                                                                                        though the whole house

                                                                                        began to tremble
                                                                                        and you felt the old tug

                                                                                        at your ankles.

                                                                                        “Mend my life!”

                                                                                        each voice cried.

                                                                                        But you didn’t stop.

You knew what you had to do,

                                                                                       though the wind pried
                                                                                       with its stiff fingers

                                                                                       at the very foundations----
                                                                                       though their melancholy

                                                                                       was terrible.
                                                                                       It was already late

                                                                                       enough, and the road full of fallen
                                                                                       branches and stones.

                                                                                       But little by little,
                                                                                       as you left their voices behind,

                                                                                       the stars began to burn
                                                                                       through the sheets of clouds

                                                                                       and there was a new voice,
                                                                                       which you slowly

                                                                                       recognized as your own,
                                                                                       that kept you company

                                                                                       as you strode deeper and deeper

                                                                                       into the world,
                                                                                       determined to do

                                                                                       the only thing you could do----
                                                                                       determined to save

                                                                                       the only life you could save. 

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                 Upcoming Events Calendar

     Fall 2019

9/28/2019      Alchemy for Dummies.  Charlene Henry, Jungian Analyst,  

                             9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon).

The Pelican As it Appears in The GoldenTreatise of   

                             Hermes.  Regine Schweizer-Vullers, Jungian Analyst,

                             7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

     11/02/2019      Reading seminar on The Aurora Consurgens (see inside for         

                             details).  Regine Schweizer-Vullers, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.



      The pelican also appears in the last chapter of the so-called  “Tractatus aureus Hermetis”  [Golden Treatise of
      Hermes]  which goes back to the early 17th century.   Four colors belong to the bird, whereby the fourth color,

      the “true yellow”, “the golden color” or “the gold” was equated with the goal of the whole process. As the lapis,

      that is, as the  “all-transforming ferment”  or the “all-transforming medicine,” the pelican could reconcile not

      only  the opposites within  the human  soul but  –  miraculously – even the opposites of the outer world.   This

      lecture explores  the symbolism of  the first three colors of  this alchemical process  and concludes  with some
      reflections  on the  fourth color, the  “golden color”  or the  “gold.”    Looking at the text with reference to C. G.
      Jung’s and Marie-Louise von Franz’s  psychological  approaches  to  alchemy  we will discuss this healing and
      uniting power of the Fourth.

      Saturday reading seminar. . . . .

      After discussing the lecture of the previous day, we will continue our  work with a reading seminar.   We will

      read and  discuss  one  of  the most  beautiful  chapters in  Marie Louise von Franz’s Commentary to Thomas

      Aquino’s Aurora Consurgens, the fifth chapter on the “Treasure House that Wisdom has built upon a Rock.”

      We will look at this  “House of Wisdom”  as it appears  in the text of the Aurora Consurgens  as well as in the

      Codex Rhenovensis, an old alchemical manuscript with some very impressive pictures.  We will then look at
      the innermost center of this house – at its sanctuary.   In the innermost center of a temple,  a holy place or a

      church always stands the image of a God or a Goddess.   What is the mystery of this “House of Wisdom” and

      what kind of an image or deity does it contain?

For this seminar, suggested reading in preparation is chapter 10 in the above-mentioned Aurora Consurgens 

      and/or  the section  on  the  Aurora  in von Franz’s book Alchemy, An Introduction to the Symbolism and  the 

      Psychology  (in particular, pp. 262-266).   *** For additional  information about the readings,  please  contact

      Charlene Henry at 337-232-9914.***

      Regine Schweizer-Vüllers, Ph.D. . . . . 

      Regine  Schweizer - Vüllers,  Ph.D.,  is  a  Jungian  analyst  and  psychotherapist  in  private  practice  in  Zurich,      

      Switzerland.   She completed her training as analyst at the Jung Institute,  Zurich,  in 1986.   From  1994 to  2008

      she was a member of the board of the Research and Training Centre in Depth Psychology according to C. G. Jung  

      and  Marie-Louise von Franz.   Regine Schweizer-Vüllers is a member of  IAAP and  works  as  a training  analyst,

      supervisor and lecturer in Zurich and internationally. From 2001–2014 she was part of the board that organized

      the annual Eranos conferences in Ascona/Ticino. She is the current president of the Foundation of the Psychology

      Club Zurich and together with her husband the editor of the ongoing publication of the Psychology Club Zurich, a

      series  of   books  which  contribute  to  the  scientific  work  of  C. G. Jung.    Her interest includes topics related to

      Analytical Psychology, especially alchemy, medieval mysticism, fairy tales, legends, folksongs and historical tales.

      For many years she has offered monthly reading seminars on C.G. Jung’s Mysterium Coniunctionis and –recently

      –on Marie-Lousie von Franz’s Commentary on the Aurora Consurgens.

                Costs for Lecture & Seminar:

                              Friday and Saturday (both) - $60.00
                              Friday only, $20.00

                              Saturday only, $40.00
                Costs for CEU’s:

                              Friday and Saturday (both) - $30.00

                              Friday only - $10.00

                              Saturday only - $20.00

                                                     Fall 2019 Upcoming Events

                                             COMMENTS ON ALCHEMY BY JUNG

“To most people alchemy simply means a  lot of old men who tried to make gold.   But that was not the truth at all. If
people would only take the trouble to turn up  the actual  writings of  the ancient alchemists,  they would find a deep
treasure-trove of wisdom, much of which is perfectly applicable to the very events which are happening in the world
today.   After all, what can possibly be more important than the study of how men’s minds work, and have worked in the past?”

                                                                    The Art of Living (1960), C.G. Jung Speaking, p.444.

“Alchemy,  with its  wealth  of  symbols,  gives  us  an insight  into an  endeavor  of  the human  mind which could be compared with a religious rite, an opus divinum (divine task).”

                                                                   Mysterium Coniunctionis, (1955-56), CW 14, par. 790.

“In general,  the  alchemists  strove for  a total  union of  opposites in symbolic form,  and this  they regarded  as the indispensable condition  for  the  healing of all ills.    Hence they  sought  to  find  ways  and  means  to  produce that substance  in  which  all  opposites  were  united.    It had to be material  as well as spiritual,  living  as  wel  as  inert, masculine as well as feminine,  old as well as  young,  and - presumably - morally  neutral.    It  had  to  be created by

man, and at the same time, since it was an increatum (a transcendent creation), by God himself, the Deus terrestris  (the earthly God).”

                                                                   Mysterium Coniunctionis (1955-56), CW 14, par. 676.

“The only certain thing is that for all the alchemists matter had a divine aspect.”

                                                                   Mysterium Coniunctionis, (1955-56), CW 14, par 766.

“Alchemists are, in fact,  decided solitaries; each has his say in his own way.   They rarely have pupils, and of direct
tradition there seems to have  been very little,  nor is there much evidence of any secret societies or the like.   Each worked in the laboratory for himself and suffered from loneliness. On the other hand, quarrels were rare.”

                                                                   Psychology and Alchemy, (1944), CW 12, par. 422

“For the alchemist,  the one primarily in need of redemption is not man,   but the deity who  is  lost and sleeping in matter.”

                                                                   Psychology and Alchemy, (1944), CW 12, par. 420


     Pg. 7                                                                                                                                                                                                   Vol. 2, No. 3


    Board of Directors
      Susan O’Neal, President
      Louis Deshotels, Treasurer
      Sue Billet
      Monica Daigle
      Toni Daigre
      Charlene Henry
      Pat Landeche
      Dr. Steve Staires

      Charles Zeltzer, Ph.D.

     Editorial Board
      Charlene Henry, Editor

      Sue Billet

      Sidney Creaghan
      Louis Deshotels

      Newsletter Layout
      Simone McCrocklin

      Logo Design
      Cheryl Taylor-Bowie,
      Right Angle, Inc.


     Pg.                                                                                                                                                                        Vol. 2, No. 3

<<Revivifying>>:  Sol and Luna rise from the fountain, on the left the Pelican.

     Pg. 8                                                                                                                                                                                                      Vol. 2, No. 3

     Pg. 4                                                                                                                                                                        Vol. 2, No. 3     


                                           Registering for Lectures and Workshops

           You have several options for registering for the lecture/workshops offered this fall.

            1. Go online to our website at and register using credit card/debit card.  Please register at least

                one day ahead of event.

            2. Send check with your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and name of lecture and/or workshop that you

                plan on attending to C.G. Jung Society of Lafayette, LA, P.O. Box 683, Abbeville, LA 70511.   Please mail at least a week ahead

                so registration is received before event.

            3. Register at door before event begins:  30 minutes before Friday night lectures and 15 minutes before Saturday workshops.


         Fall 2019    Vol. 2, No. 3



    “To this day God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my willful path violently and recklessly, 

      all things which upset my subjective views,  plans and intentions and change the course of my life for better or


                                                                                                C. G. Jung quoted in Ego and Archetype, Edward Edinger, P. 101 

                                                                   Alchemy for Dummies
                                                                                 presented by
Charlene Henry, LCSW, Jungian analyst

      Date:     Saturday, September 28, 2019

       Time:    9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon)

      Place:   Home of Sue Billet

                        407 Live Oak Drive, Lafayette, Louisiana
Cost:     $10.00
    Pre-registration is required because of limited seating!

      The Presentation:

      The word  “alchemy” often conjure up images of some wild ancient person  in  his  laboratory surrounded by

      various vessels  and  materials.   And, we are told that he is trying  to turn  a lowly substance (prima materia)

      into gold.   “Really???”  we ask.   And , if  we  look  through  a  book  of  alchemical  images,  we  might  be  left

      scratching our heads wondering,  “What in the world is this?”

      It is good to know that  when Jung viewed the  first alchemical  manuscript that he got his hands on, even he

      said, “Good Lord, what nonsense! This stuff is impossible to understand.” (MDR, p. 204). But, he stuck with

      it and over time  he began to see  that the  images were  meant  to be  interpreted  symbolically and  that they   

      represented “symbols of transformation” taking place in the psyche.

      In this 3 hour presentation,  we will look at 1)  a brief history on the development of alchemy beginning with

      the mummification process in Egypt; 2) the various stages and processes involved in this work of transform-

      ation,  and 3)  we will become familiar with some of the Latin terms that we run across when we are reading

      this material.

      To have  a  depth understanding  of  Alchemy  require s many  years of trying to interpret these very difficult
      texts. But, perhaps, it can begin to make a little bit of sense as we are exposed to and try to understand