Eros, Love and Power
Charlene M Henry, LCSW, Diplomate Jungian Analyst

​Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount,

love is lacking.  The one is but the shadow of the other. (CW 7, par. 78)

​Saturday, March 13, 2021
10 AM to 12 PM
Cost: $10

​Back in 1959 Jung spoke about the world situation in which “…humanity, as never before, is split into two irreconcilable halves.”  (CW 9ii, par 126)  Of course, this process has been happening for hundreds of years.  But, today, as we look at, and are affected by, the many oppositions and the great tension in the world, we can no longer sit back and ignore these.  The fate of humanity and the planet are in question.

Rather than looking only for outer solutions or for others to rescue us, more of us must look within as individuals to find those splits and to find ways to resolve them.  The outer world carries the projections of what we all carry within.  In the Red Book Jung says, “Life does not come from (outer) events, but from us (my emphasis).  Everything that happens outside has already been.” (Red Book reader’s edition, p.152)

Jung’s own suffering from the splits within himself and his “confrontation with the unconscious,” has gifted us with insights into the composition and working of the psyche.  The choice is now ours as to whether or not we learn from the wisdom of this suffering.

In this presentation, we will look at what is meant by the “splits in the psyche” with particular emphasis on love and power.  As in other oppositions, each side has value.  Can we see the value in both? What is the result from rejecting one side or the other?  What happens to that side which we reject?  Are we taking away or adding to the great split in the world?  What is our responsibility to the well being of ourselves and to the world?  In addition, we will look at the how the Feeling function and Eros can help us to find our way in dealing with these splits. 

Charlene M Henry, LCSW and Diplomate Jungian Analyst is in private practice in Lafayette, LA.  She has been a psychotherapist and analyst for the last 50 years and was one of the founders of the C.G. Jung Society of Lafayette, serving as president for ten years.  She has lectured in the U.S. on various topics such as Alchemy, Basic Concepts in Jungian Psychology,  on “An Alchemical Interpretation of Like Water for Chocolate,” on the subject of her thesis “Searching for Evangeline, the Quest for the Acadian/Cajun Psyche,” and various other subject matters.  She has met with small groups in Dream Interpretation and study of the Red Book.

"The Healing Tree", Painting by Amber Rhyanne Bayham, www.ARTmine/Agora Gallery