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About Us!

​   Our Board of Directors At Work - From left to right: Suzanne Billet, Monica Daigle, Charlene Henry,

                                                       Susan O'Neal,  Patricia Landeche, Louis Deshotels, Toni Daigle.

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                                                     Board of Directors    

                                                 Susan O'Neal, President                                   

                                                        Louis Deshotels, LCSW, Treasurer

                                                        Charlene Henry, LCSW                                                         Patricia Landeche, LCSW                                       

                                                        Monica Daigle, LCSW

                                                        Steven Staires, MD

                                                           Toni Daigre
                                                           Suzanne Billet

          Program Committee

          Monica Daigle, Chair

          Pat Landeche

          Louis Deshotels

           Charlene Henry


        Speaker Coordinator

       Pat Landeche

       CEU Coordinator
       Louis Deshotels

       Social Committee

       Toni Daigre, Chair

          Susan O'Neal

          Sue Billet

          Steve Staires                                         


       Newsletter Editorial Committee

       Charlene Henry, Editor

          Sue Billet

          Sidney Creaghan

          Louis Deshotels




                Our Mission:

                 The purpose of the C. G. Jung Society of Lafayette, Louisiana is to serve the 

                   individuation  process and to foster a depth relationship with the objective  psyche.   

                   Jung's psychology offers recognition of the innate instinct to find meaning, even  in

                   the face of suffering.   His  psychology offers insight into how to be the one human

                   being that one is....