January, February & March, 2018, Lafayette, Louisiana

   The Way of the Dream, the 4 parts showing  of the famous documentary film with

   Fraser Boa in conversation with Dr. Marie-Louse von Franz.
                   Part I     -   January 20                Part III  -  February 24
                 Part II    -   January 27                Part IV  -  March 24

  August, 2018, Lafayette, Louisiana

   August 24 - Lecture:  Jung and the Collective:  Conscious Grounding in Uncertain Times.

   August 25 - Workshop:  When the Center Will Not Hold:  The Dangers of Collective  Shadow


                           Presented by Carolyn Bates, Ph.D.

  November, 2018, Lafayette, Louisiana   

   November 09 - Lecture:  NUMEN NATURAE:   The Shadow of the Bat. 

   November 10 - Workshop:  NUMEN NATURAE:  Let There Be Light!   

                                   Presented by John Todd, Ph.D.