January 2017, A Free Lecture Series, Lafayette, Louisiana
                       January 13 -  Lecture:  A Hand's On Guide to Dreams
                                              presented by Deedy Young, LCSW.
                    January 20 - Lecture:  Active Imagination:  Relating to the Unconscious
                                              presented by  Patricia Landeche, LCSW.
                    January 27 - Lecture:  From Ego/Self Identity to Ego/Self Relationship
                                              presented by Louis Deshotels, LCSW.

                  March 2017, Presentation, Lafayette, Louisiana
                       March 11   -  Presentation:  Dreams, Creativity and the Cajun Psyche
                                            presented by Charlene Henry, LCSW.


                 August 2017, Lecture & Seminar, Lafayette, Louisiana
                       August 25  - Lecture: Dreams, Complexes, and the Self
                    August 26  - Seminar: The Eclipse of God and the Creative
                                            presented by Michael Conforti, Ph.D.

                  September 2017, Presentation, Lafayette, Louisiana
                       September 29 - Presentation:  True Religion:  Individuation, Alcemy and Poetry
                                                    presented by Deedy Young, LCSW.  

                  October 2017, Lecture & Workshop, Lafayette, Louisiana
                       October 27  - Lecture:  The Kabbalistic Creation Myth
                    October 28 - Workshop:  The Kabbalistic Creation Myth
                                              presented by Lynne Radomsky, Ph.D.