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​         "Today humanity , as never before, is split into two apparently irreconcilable 

         halves---when  the  individual  remains  undivided  and  does  not become

         conscious of his inner contradictions,  the world must perforce act out the 

         conflict and be torn into opposite halves."                   

​                                                                                         - C. G. Jung, 1959 -




Greetings to all of you,

As a board member of the C.G. Jung Society of Lafayette, I am very happy to be writing to let you know that we are planning programs for 2021. 

It has been a difficult year for all of us in Lafayette, Louisiana, America, and the whole world.  Each of us has had our own individual struggles in this painful time of psychic transformation.  Decay, death, and chaos are the precursors for new birth and, although difficult to hold on to that promising thought, I have faith that the way of Nature and the way of the Psyche is leading us through a place where humanity and the planet can survive and grow.

For any of you have ever gardened or taken a biology course you know that new life begins with a seed.  And, in alchemy, a seed often emerges out of chaos, out of the prima material and the painful procedures that follow.  Jung has said that inherent in chaos is order.  For us who attend to our dreams, the images that emerge contain the seeds of the new way.  They are not always easy to recognize, but as we pay attention and reflect on them, tend to them, we might begin to see clusters and patterns that are trying to let us know how new archetypal structures are developing in the psyche.

One of the archetypes that is making a strong stand is the Feminine.  This archetype has to do with Relatedness, Eros, Love, and Connection.  This energy is desperately needed these days in a world filled with Division, Conflict, and Power.  As members of the Jung Society, we have greatly missed our gatherings at meetings where we have been able to share our experiences with each other.  Out of necessity to protect ourselves and limit our contact with others, we have had to find different ways of connecting.   As we are social beings, Eros, Love, will find its way into the world.  And, it has found its way to us.

In the spring we will be offering Zoom presentations.  And, although the lineup has not been fully developed, we want you to know that you will be hearing from us shortly offering a way that we might reconnect in our common respect and love for Jung’s work in Analytical Psychology.  It is “soul work” that is desperately needed right now.  And, the importance of doing this together is often missed when we hear the word “Individuation.” Our social network is vital to our personal, individual survival and growth.  We cannot do it alone even though we work in our own individual way. 

Thank you for staying connected and faithful to the process.  We have learned a lot during this time of isolation and loneliness and we want to share these things with you as soon as we can.  The Newsletter is coming out after the first of the year - so, stay tuned and check our website and Facebook page for future notices,

If any of you would like to contribute to the Newsletter with your own insights and creative work, please contact me at chenry2327@gmail.com.

See you soon,
Charlene Henry

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